Magneto Magazine issue 12 Winter 2021

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Aston Martin Bulldog / Brm V16 Continuation / First-Ever Countach LP400 / Mercedes 300SLR 722 / Ferrari 365P Tre Posti /The Top 50 Marque Revivals

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In this issue

The return of Aston Martin Bulldog The full story on how cash-strapped Aston Martin aimed to create the world’s fastest supercar and, against all odds, achieved over 190mph in the prototype before the plug was pulled on the project. Our feature explains what happened to the car over the following years before finally being rescued and now restored by CMC. It’s written by Simon de Burton, author of the forthcoming definitive book on Bulldog, with exclusive studio photography by Rick Guest and restoration shots by Amy Shore.

BRM Type 15 V16 continuation How the first of three planned V16 Continuations has been created from original archive drawings by Hall & Hall for John Owen – son of Sir Alfred Owen, whose Rubery Owen company rescued and financed the BRM team from the 1950s onwards. Editor David Lillywhite and photographer Sam Chick have followed its progress over the past two years.

Lamborghini Countach 001 Driving the first production prototype Lamborghini Countach LP400, chassis 001, recently restored by Polo Storico. Photographed by Max Serra at night in the centre of Milan, and written by marque expert Massimo Dèlbo.

Doug Nye on Robert Brooks and Adrian Hamilton Leading motor racing historian Doug Nye tells the parallel stories of his friends and colleagues Brooks and Hamilton, who both died recently within a day of each other. With eye-watering anecdotes and behind-the-scenes tales, this is as much a story of how the pair were responsible for the growth of the global collector car market as it is personal obituaries.

Ferrari 365P Tre Posti One of the four Pebble Beach Best of Show contenders (and one of only two post-war models) in 2021, the prototype three-seater is one of just two made – and this one is fresh from restoration by the renowned Paul Russell and Company. Photographed by Evan Klein, written by Massimo Dèlbo.

Goodbye to Mercedes-Benz 722 Writer Colin Goodwood accompanies Stirling Moss’s famous Mille Miglia-winning Mercedes-Benz 300SLR ‘722’ on its last outing before it’s mothballed at the Mercedes museum. He’s accompanied by designer Peter Stevens, nephew to Mille Miglia co-driver Jenks.

Ludvigsen on… the Bugatti straight-eight Renowned writer and historian Karl Ludvigsen delves deep into Ettore Bugatti’s legendary straight-eight engine of the 1920s.

Top 50 marque revivals The greatest returns of famous – and not so famous – marque names over the years, by Richard Heseltine.

Market guide John Simister unravels the many models of the original A110 and explains which is best, how to find a good one and whether or not competition modifications make a difference.

Plus Sir Jackie Stewart Q&A, Antarctic Porsche 356, secrets of the Bond 007 stunts, Morgan’s off-road special and tractors from the supercar makers…

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Magneto nr. 12
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As usual very interesting reading, unusual cars, inspiring people. Design and sports. Quality pictures, fresh graphics, all very modern. For some issues, the form seems to outweigh the content. Due to its (but with shorter texts and less data), it follows on from the hitherto unsurpassed periodicals as the Automobile Quarterly (USA) or AutOmobilia (F), but I understand that it is aimed at a slightly different reader - but this is modern times. Can only be highly recommended!

Par Jiri F. le 11/03/2022

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