Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.22 : Ferrari 156/85, F186 1985-86

Joe Honda (Photos)

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Éditeur : MFH (Model Factory Hiro)

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The No.22 of “Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO” is about the Ferrari 156/85 and F186 in the 1980s “Turbo era”.


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photos Joe Honda, MFH 2012, 100 pages 23,4 x 29,7 cm, couverture souple, 300 photos NB et couleur, texte Japonais/Anglais

The No.22 of “Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO” is about the Ferrari 156/85 and F186 in the 1980s “Turbo era”.

The 156/85 driven by Michele Alboreto was having a good start in the first half of the 1985 season, and nearly being the car of the third Italian champion. Although the retirement of the races on the second half of the season affected the result, with the won of 2 stops and also the result from his teammates Stefan Johansson, the team won the 2nd place of constructor ranking.
The F186 for the 1986 season, however, the power cannot compete with those of Williams Honda and McLaren TAG. Although it had chances to make their drivers to the victory stand, Ferrari cannot win champion of a single stop of this year, and starting from this year, there is a long time that Ferrari cannot win any championship, neither the drivers nor the constructors.
This issue will be focusing on this 2 Ferrari cars.

Besides the spectacular photos from Joe Honda, photos focusing the detail of 156/85, test run in Fiorano Circuit and the Brazilian GP (with photos of René Arnoux’s car) from Yuuji Shimizu are included in the Special Feature.

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Joe Honda (Photos)
MFH (Model Factory Hiro)
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23,4 x 29,7 cm
300 photos couleur et NB
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