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Rust in Peace

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de Malcolm Tucker, Dalton Watson 2007, 256 pages 25,5 x 23 cm, couverture rigide sous jaquette, environ 450 photos couleur, quelques NB, provenant des archives de Michael Worthington-Williams. Texte anglais.
In this book, author Malcolm Tucker delves into the photographic archives of the celebrated motoring historian Mike Worthington-Williams. For over forty years Mike has collected photographs of derelict vehicles; some in scrap yards, some abandoned and some neglected, but often kept for sentimental reasons. Many are now fading and rusting into oblivion but there are also uplifting tales of resurrection. Old car enthusiasts the world over will know of Mike’s reporting of such finds, but this is the first time that a book dedicated to his lifetime passion has been published.  Around 450 photographs are included, each captioned with a brief explanation of the vehicle shown.
Malcolm Tucker is the author of several books, almost all with a motoring theme, the latest being ‘The Goodwood Phantom’, the story of the most recent Rolls-Royce and is now writing a companion work about the new Rolls-Royce convertible.
He has written five children’s books on engineering subjects and edited seven others for Merlion Publishing, a division of Penguin Books, and he has contributed articles to various motoring magazines.

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