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Jim Clark and his most successful Lotus

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The twin biographies of a legendary racing driver and his 1963 World Championship winning Lotus 25 R4.
By: Eoin Young, Haynes, hardback, 250 x 250mm, 160 pages, 150 illustrations including colour.

This compelling book marries together a study of a great period in the life of Jim Clark with the history of a great British marque, featuring in particular the famous Lotus 25, from its golden 1963 World Championship-winning year, through subsequent owners and crashes until the remains are discovered and the gallant old charger is restored to its original specification.
'A very moving story, very well told'.
Classic & Sports Car.
'as ever, Young has opened his treasure chest of anecdotes, adding colour to the characters'.
Motor Sport.
'wonderfully detailed'.
Daily Express.

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