One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911 - New limited edition


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Some call them the best air-cooled Porsches ever, others the best cars in the world. They are the Porsche 911 sports cars that have been restored, reimagined, and reborn by Singer Vehicle Design.

Each commission represents a unique collaboration between the customer and Singer, combining bespoke carbon fiber body panels, the finest in optimized mechanical and electrical components, superlative materials and finishes, and the spirit of the golden age of the iconic air-cooled 911. Every Singer-restored car is an incomparable work of impeccable craftsmanship. One More than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911 brings the reader as close to these beautiful machines as one can get, excepting the lucky few who own one.

Singer Vehicle Design is driven by the singular vision of Rob Dickinson, an ex-car designer and rock musician who came to be one of the world’s foremost distillers of the essence of air-cooled Porsche. Journalist Michael Harley and Dickinson tell the story, while an all-star cast of automotive writers, journalists, and personalities offer their perspectives on the Singer phenomenon. Throughout the book some of the finest photographers in the automotive world, with unparalleled access to Singer's operations, reveal the sublime beauty of these Porsche 911s as they are restored, and as they play at the track and run the open road. More than that, the book tells the story of how a life-long obsession with the most important sports car on the planet, which began on an autoroute in France in the '70s, came to find a home on the concours lawns and racetracks of the world's most prestigious automotive events.

The writers, photographers, and artists who were enlisted to contribute to this unique book include Guy Allen, Antonio Alvendia, Les Bidrawn, Tom Ford, Marino Franchitti, Robert Genat, Ken Gross, Chris Harris, Evan Klein, Jay Leno, Phil McGovern, Chad McQueen, Holly Martin, Richard "Dickie" Meaden, Tiff Needell, Drew Phillips, Matt Stone, Pete Stout, Peter Vincent, G.F. Williams, Renato Zacchia, and Jeff Zwart.

Auteur Michael Harley and Rob Dickinson
Éditeur Stance and Speed
Date de parution 2020
Format 31x26 cm
ISBN 978-0-9891149-4-3
Nombre de page 275
Langue English
Condition New
Binding Hardbound
Par (SAINT PRIX , France) le 17 June 2022 (One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911 - New limited edition) :

L'art de moderniser un modèle mythique

Prépare-vous !!! Ce livre n'est pas un énième version écrite sur ce modèle mais une plongée dans la philosophie de ce préparateur : la création de 911 refroidies par air optimisées, des chefs-d'oeuvre. La mise en page permet de suivre le cycle de restauration de ces véhicules pour répondre aux désirs de chaque client à travers de superbes illustrations. Un vrai coup de coeur

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Par (LIMOGES, France) le 09 Jan. 2021 (One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911 - New limited edition) :


Superbe Ouvrage, en adéquation avec l'image que souhaite donner SINGER de ses voitures, c'est à dire

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