Airstream: 80 Years of America's World Traveler


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Iconic, aluminum-bodied Airstream trailers have been around for 80 years

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Iconic, aluminum-bodied Airstream trailers have been around for 80 years--get the full story in this photo-rich book.

Airstream is America's best and oldest manufacturer of travel trailers, and those retro silver coaches are iconic on America's highways. Representative of the age-old desire to explore, these trailers are unmistakable in design with distinctive aerodynamic rounded lines and an aluminum outer skin. Airstream: 80 Years of America's Traveler celebrates the eight decades since the first Airstream graced America's highways.

Airstream chronicles the fascinating history of Airstream trailers through a detailed history, stories, and beautiful photography. Although its roots stretch back to 1926, the first Airstream-brand trailers were introduced in 1936, just as America was emerging from the dark days of the Great Depression. Of the 400 travel-trailer manufacturers of that era, only Airstream survived. Dubbed the "Airstream Clipper" after the first trans-Atlantic seaplane, the 1936

Airstream featured a unique lightweight aluminum body that cut down on wind resistance, improved fuel efficiency, and made for easier towing. It slept four, carried its own water supply, was fitted with electric lights, and cost $1,200. The Airstream provided travelers with a way to see the world at their leisure and in solid comfort. It was the perfect vehicle for a country emerging from a long struggle. In the eight decades since that first Airstream, the company has produced some of the finest trailers in the world and gained a worldwide reputation as the Rolls-Royce of travel trailers. The Airstream story is one of travel, adventure, and memories that last a lifetime.

Auteur Patrick Foster
Éditeur Motorbooks
Date de parution 2016
ISBN 9780760349991
Nombre de page 192
Langue English
Condition New
Binding Hardbound
Par (SAINT BENOIT, France) le 09 Sept. 2016 (Airstream: 80 Years of America's World Traveler) :

airstream 80 years of America's world traveler

un régal pour les yeux avec les photos, un petit dommage pour les textes en anglais,
mais on le savait en l'achetant.

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