Hispano Suiza Alfonso XIII n. 723


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Un automóvil construido en 1911 y que formó parte del equipo de carreras oficial de La Hispano Suiza

A car built in 1911, that was part of the official racing team of La Hispano Suiza

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The Alfonso XIII chassis nº 723 is a real unique HS. It is in perfect running condition, absolutely original in chassis and body and by far the oldest existing Alfonso XIII. Its chassis and body belonged to the factory racing team in 1910 until its sale in 1911 equipped with the newly developed commercial engine 15/45 Cr (80 x 170 mm in the first 25 units), later changed to 80 x 180 mm. Nº 723 has the only 80 x 170 mm existing engine.

The book tells the genesis of the Alfonso XIII as a commercial sports car and documents all the history of this exceptional unit from its use as a racing factory car to its registration (French carte grise) in 1912, reproduced in the book, its sleeping years in France in the barn of its first owner the baron Barthon of Montbas, its tricky finding and discussions between the two interested treasure pickers and the final trip to Spain in the early 60’s, bought by Nicolás Franco (nephew of F. Franco), who wrote a foreword. Since them all its modern chronicle is described, with its continuous presence in rallies, concours and exhibitions, where it is always an eye catching model.

Auteur Manuel LAGE
Date de parution 2022
Format 19x25 cm
Illustration 87
Nombre de page 200
Langue Spanish/English
Condition New
Binding Softcover

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