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Millenove Alfa Romeo 1900

H. - J. Dohren

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Éditeur : Alfapoint

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de H.-Jürgen Döhren, Alfapoint 2012, 320 pages 25 x 28 cm, couverture rigide illustrée, 850 photos couleurs et NB, texte anglais et allemand.

This compendium, published in English and German, represents the most detailed documentation of the model history of the Alfa Romeo 1900, including all its derivatives and the associated coachbuilders, presented in a fascinating form.
The book is the product of the author´s many years of research as well as extensive support by the Alfa Romeo Automobilismo Storico, Centro Documentazione (Arese Milano) and Peter Marshall of the 1900 Register. All the coachbuilders who designed very special vehicles for the 1950s era are intro-duced. Innovative in technical terms, but also progressive, even extravagant in their styling at that time, it was above all the Italian designers who set milestones with their creations.
The complete development of the 1900 sedan, all the coupes and convertibles based on the 1900 floor-pan, but also very special Alfa Romeos like the Sportiva, BAT or Disco Volante are described in detail and highlighted.
The author, H.-Jürgen Döhren, is a well-known Alfa Romeo expert and has already contributed to se-veral Alfa Romeo publications. He is a committed member of the German Alfa Romeo scene since 30 years, and he restores 1900 models in his garage and maintains an extensive archive on his hobby.
Alfa Romeo

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H. - J. Dohren
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25 x 28 cm
Nombreuses photos couleur et NB
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