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Talbot-Lago Grand Sport, The Car from Paris - Edition spéciale cuir, 100 exemplaires numérotés et signés

Peter Larsen et Ben Erickson

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Éditeur : Dalton Watson

Référence : LN02060
Talbot Lago Grand Sport Edition luxe cuir
Tirage limité à 100 exemplaires numérotés signés (34/100)
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de Peter Larsen, avec la collaboration de Ben Erickson, Dalton Watson août 2012, 2 volumes de 238 et 410 pages (648 pages au total), format 21,9 x 30,4 cm, couvertures rigides garnies cuir, coffret rigide cuir contenant les deux volumes, plus de 1400 photos et illustrations couleur et NB, texte anglais.

Tirage limité à 100 exemplaires numérotés
L'ensemble (2 volumes et coffret) est présenté sous un cartonnage de protection illustré, en forme de mallette avec anse.

From 1948 to 1953, the Talbot-Lago Grand Sport was the star on the stands of the famous carrossiers at the Paris Salons and the shows in Geneva, Brussels and London. They were entered by their wealthy owners in post-war concours d’elegance in France and abroad, and they often won the grand prize for their elegance. A Talbot-Lago Grand Sport still does today, whenever one is shown. It looks like nothing else. It is remarkable. It draws a crowd. 

The Talbot-Lago Grand Sport was an automobile destined for the grand cru sportsman and chic Parisian society. It was a grand gesture, and the final flowering in France of the great tradition of the truly custom motorcar. The Grand Sport was outrageously exclusive not just because of its price, which was stratospheric, or its limited practicality, which was irrelevant, but because it was chic, ritzy, aristocratic and sharp as a knife all at once. The Grand Sport chassis with its unique hand-crafted body was a thing of luxury because it appealed to a genuinely sophisticated clientele who could appreciate its superb pedigree and because it gave admission to the elite gatherings on the racing and concours circuit, no questions asked. 

Volume I tells the story of how the Grand Sport was born in the bleak post-war years, how Talbot-Lago came into being, and the incredible tale of Anthony Lago’s life with his rise from refugee to a penniless London car dealer and finally luxury car maker in France. The post-war history of the marque is dealt with in great detail, and there is an in-depth discussion of the chassis and its components. A large section is devoted to a history of every carrossier who bodied a Grand Sport chassis.
Volume II contains a detailed chassis by chassis history of every single Grand Sport laid down by the factory. The books are all numbered and the first 36 copies of the leather-bound edition have been given the chassis number of a car. 
Talbot Lago

Fiche technique

Peter Larsen et Ben Erickson
Dalton Watson
Date de parution
Août 2012
21,9 x 30,4 cm
Plus de 1400 photos et illustrations couleur et NB
Nombre de pages
Couverture rigide cuir et avec coffret cuir

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