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The Lea-Francis Story

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de Barrie Price, Veloce 1998, 176 pages 20,5 x 25 cm, couverture rigide sous jaquette, plus de 280 photos et illustrations NB, texte anglais.
Très bon état.
Founded in 1895 under the aegis of R H Lea, the company originally built cycles and motorcycles, but by the 1920s was established as a manufacturer of high-quality sporting cars. From the 1930s to the 1960s Lea-Francis specialised in high-efficiency, medium-sized cars built with care and the best quality components. Very successful in motorsports, 'Leaf' was an innovative company, but a lack of regard for good business principles led to fluctuating fortunes throughout the company's long life.
Today, Lea-Francis cars are much sought-after and held in high esteem by car enthusiasts throughout the world. The new sportscar was launched at the 1998 Motor Show and the limousine is due for launch in 1999. Hopefully, these new models will see Lea-Francis rise again to the prominence it deserves.
Lea Francis

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