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When Motor Racing was Fun

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de Bryan Apps, Halsgrove 2009, 160 pages 21 x 29,7 cm, couverture rigide sous jaquette, illustré avec les peintures de l'auteur ainsi que des photos et documents provenant de ses archives personnelles. Préface de Sir Stirling Moss OBE. Texte anglais.
This fascinating book offers a unique record of the days when motor racing was fun, as seen through the eyes of those who were famously, and sometimes hilariously, associated with it.
Anecdotes abound, and the text is supported by motor racing memorabilia and the author’s own paintings, many of which are now the treasured possessions of the drivers themselves.
The book also pays due regard to the serious aspects of the sport and it contains the personal reminiscences of the author over his 60 year love affair with motor racing.
It is concerned with the period when the technical development of the racing machines was melded with the individualism of the drivers. In the days before motor racing became a global business, fraught as it is today with divisions between the teams and the ruling body, the author recalls the times when spectators and drivers mingled in the pits, when celebrity came second to character, and when a spirit of chivalry still existed within the brotherhood of racing drivers. Enzo Ferrari, Manfred von Brauchitsch, Hermann Lang, Raymond Mays, Juan Fangio, Stirling Moss, Duncan Hamilton, Ken Tyrrell, Jackie Stewart, James Hunt and Nigel Mansell.
The author knew them all.
The book will be treasured by all who recall the years when motor racing was fun, and will be equally enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in motor sport today.
Bryan Apps has been an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Winchester for nearly 50 years. His passion for motor racing was ignited at the age of twelve by a visit to Goodwood in 1949. He corresponded with Raymond Mays, who was both the originator of the E.R.A. and the instigator of the B.R.M. project, in the 1950s and in later years was the guest of Ken Tyrrell in the pits at Silverstone.
His paintings of racing cars and drivers from the earliest days of the Sport are wonderful evocations of their period and they have led to lasting friendships with many of the most famous racing drivers from before and after the Second World War.


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J'avoue que j'étais un petit peu déçu par ce livre. Pas de photos, mais des dessins, et des histoires que je connaissais déjà de toutes les autres ouvrages sur cette époque. La présentation en soi n'est pas mal, la qualité du livre est bonne, mais personnellement, je recherche une autre approche. Mais cela n'engage que moi.

Par Patrick K. le 03/02/2023