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Porsche 718+804 - An adventure into Formula 1 during the 1.5 l era

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de Födisch, Thomas / Neßhöver, Jost / Behrndt, Michael / Roßbach, Rainer, McKlein, 228 pages 30 x 32 cm, couverture rigide illustrée, 300 photos. Texte Allemand/Anglais.

The 1961 season was the first year of the new 1.5 litre regulations in Formula 1. Out of all the German car manufacturers, only one company, Porsche, had both the determination and the possibilitiy to enter this new class. In the beginning, a Porsche Spyder was converted to a monoposto, called a Type 718, and that was relatively successful. But soon Porsche was aiming for more and they built the last purely German-manufactured Formula One car from then up to the present day. The engine, the chassis and the brakes of the 804 were all self-made and thus this car became the last real Silver Arrow. In the end, it was all a bit too much and too expensive for the small sports car manufacturer from Stuttgart, but it was still an exiting part of motor sport history. Wonderful and previously unseen photographs illustrate the memories of those people involved while complete statistics give this book a comprehensive documentation on Porsche's amazing Formula One experiment. This book will surely fill a major gap in everybody's collection of Porsche books.


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