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Making my Marque (Marcos)

Jem Marsh

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Éditeur : Jem Marsh

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de Jem Marsh, 2009, 204 pages 29 x 24 cm, couverture rigide sous jaquette, plus de 300 photos couleur et NB, texte anglais.

This book, with over 300 photographs, most of them previously unseen, provides a colourful journey through adversity, excitement and ingenuity in a business world normally dominated by large corporations.
It is the story of a unique car and the personalities who created it. Chief amongst these is Jem Marsh, whose skill, vision and determination - not to mention a fair amount of sheer bloody-mindedness - produced a series of elegant, innovative and distinctive sportscars that turned heads around the world. Jem takes us from his early Austin 7 Specials right through to international racing success at Le Mans. This is a very personal and candid tour, in Jem's own words, of a lifetime spent creating stunning cars that always stood out from the crowd.
It is a tale of how a marque was born, manufactured, owned and raced over 50 years and when the chips were down, how it was kept alive by the determination of one man's instinct to survive.
The Marcos has become a legend amongst sportscars and, after reading this book, you might well want to go out and buy one, race one or just admire one and celebrate the enduring mark it made on the motoring world.

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Jem Marsh
Jem Marsh
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