Sports Car Racing in Camera, 1980–89


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The  acclaimed  In  Camera  series  returns  to  tackle  sports-­ car  racing  in  the  1980s,  which  provided  a  cornucopia  of   power  and  speed  courtesy  of  Porsche,  TWR  Jaguar,   Sauber  Mercedes,  Aston  Martin,  Lancia

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The  acclaimed  In  Camera  series  returns  to  tackle  sports-­ car  racing  in  the  1980s,  which  provided  a  cornucopia  of   power  and  speed  courtesy  of  Porsche,  TWR  Jaguar,   Sauber  Mercedes,  Aston  Martin,  Lancia  et  al,  famous   names  such  as  Jacky  Ickx,  Jochen  Mass,  Hans-­Joachim   Stuck,  Derek  Bell,  Bob  Wollek,  Henri  Pescarolo  and   Martin  Brundle,  while  Sebring,  Monza,  Silverstone,  the   Nürburgring,  Le  Mans,  Spa  and  many  others  provided  a   backdrop  of  extreme  velocity  and  derring-­do  that  is  no   longer  possible  alas.  Sports  Car  Racing  in  Camera,   1980–89  will  appeal  to  all  motor-­racing  enthusiasts  and   especially  to  collectors  of  this  hugely  popular  series.    

Auteur Paul Parker
Éditeur Behemoth
Date de parution 2018
Format 23x28 cm
ISBN 978­0992876975
Illustration 400
Nombre de page 288
Langue English
Condition New
Binding Hardbound
Par (Herentals, Belgium) le 17 Dec. 2021 (Sports Car Racing in Camera, 1980–89 ) :

Sports Car Racing in Camera, 1980–89

This book is again a perfect overview of sport/prototype racing of the 80's. I really like these books (both on F1 and S/P), and I wish I would have all volumes of the series, They are all very well written (with expertise and some humor) and have all nice pictures. Fairly priced. A must for any fan of these mighty cars and brave pilots.

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